Cross-functional Mobbing

The full article was written and posted on Medium on behalf of Mint Digital. This article describes my time in attempting to hack Mob Programming to include the entire product team. Original Article: Cross-functional Mobbing »

My Alexa Skill workflow (Part 2/2)

Hello, and thank you for coming back for part two. If you haven’t read part one of this guide, you can find it here. Alternatively, if you just want to skip part one, go ahead and clone the repository. In part one we created the codebase for our skill »

My Alexa Skill workflow (Part 1/2)

It’s no secret; voice UI is one of the things that get my development juices flowing right now. For over six years I have been developing for the “traditional” web environment (the browser), and it’s refreshing to get your teeth into something new and »

The 10 commandments (guidelines) of a README

This article is less about attracting people to use an open-source project. Or having the most attractive README. But more about trying to get people up and running on a production app. And contributing work as soon as possible. The act of increasing »